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Sea Glass Jewelry - Wire Wrapped Sea Glass Jewelry
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Featuring Sculpted Wire Wrapped Sea Glass Jewelry

by award winning jewelry artist Dianne McLaughlin

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Sea glass jewelry artist Dianne McLaughlin of Spirit of the Sea expertly wraps genuine sea glass in multiple gauges
 of fine wire to create unique and beautiful one of a kind jewelry designs for the discerning sea glass collector.



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     I have re-thought my wholesale division. We are not actively looking for more wholesale accounts --we are just too busy.  I really don't see the point of selling to online sellers who plan to compete with me in selling my own products. It isn't a viable business plan--for either of us. If you have a shop that you feel is the perfect fit, feel free to contact me. Please provide your name, shop name, shop address, and any other pertinent information. At this time I accept only accounts from the lower 48--sorry. I will contact you to discuss your plans.


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 I am a commercial member of the North American Sea Glass Association