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Sea Glass Jewelry - Wire Wrapped Sea Glass Jewelry
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Featuring Sculpted Wire Wrapped Sea Glass Jewelry

by award winning jewelry artist Dianne McLaughlin

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Sea glass jewelry artist Dianne McLaughlin of Spirit of the Sea expertly wraps genuine sea glass in multiple gauges
 of fine wire to create unique and beautiful one of a kind jewelry designs for the discerning sea glass collector.

     All of my wire jewelry designs are woven entirely by hand with no crochet hooks or knitting needles. I start with authentic sea glass, most of which my husband Frank and I find up and down the Atlantic coast, in Bermuda, Puerto Rico and on our favorite beaches in the Carribean. It takes ALOT of beachcombing to find jewelry grade sea glass, but we don't mind at all. I let the natural contours of the seaglass determine how the design will flow. Every coil, curl and swirl is intended to accent the intrinsic beauty of the glass gem and just like these little treasures swept up by the sea, no two of my designs are exactly alike!


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